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With increasing digital transformation, Agile & DevOps principles, the need to scale up quality initiatives becomes inevitable. Moreover, with increasing complexities and continuous integration cycles, frequency of tests to release apps in a shorter timeframe with continuous testing becomes the need of the hour to match the speed of Agile & DevOps.

So how to align continuous testing with Agile & DevOps to meet the required quality deliverable deadlines and ensure optimal test automation?

Join this webinar to explore the insights of continuous test automation and learn how to implement it in Agile & DevOps way to get high quality products at faster time-to-market.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Understanding the end-to-end continuous test automation process for Agile enterprise
  • Adopting Shift Left testing to test early with identification of key quality objectives
  • Implementing & integrating continuous testing with automation tools
  • Setting-up CI server for continuous testing
  • Conducting Impact Analysis for optimized test automation

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