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Digital transformation is oxygen for thriving business globally. It has been encouraging organizations to challenge the status quo, getting comfortable with the failures, innovating like an expert and so much more. This ebook will help you understand the basics of digital transformation and how it can help businesses to embrace technology for maximum profitability.

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  • Disrupting legacy
  • What is digital transformation?
  • Difference between Digital Strategy & Digital Transformation
  • Difference between Digitalization & Digitization
  • Why businesses must embrace digital transformation right now?
  • Challenges of Adopting Digital Transformation
  • Digital transformation: Myths and Realities
  • Realize Societal and Industry Value with digital transformation
  • Pillars of Digital Transformation
  • Building an Agile Business through Digital Transformation
  • Digital Transformation-Use cases
  • Key Benefits of Digital Transformation
  • Cygnet’s Digital transformation capabilities

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